I design stuff. All kinds of stuff. Presentations, trade show components, websites, posters, brochures. And I've been doing it for a pretty long time now. Which means I've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects with a huge range of goals for all sorts of great clients, from tiny to gargantuan. I've learned how to listen to hear not only the goals that are voiced, but the unmet needs not yet realized. Experience has given me the ability to see budget issues well before they arise, so they can either be avoided or better prepared for. Working as part of a team or working as the team, I bring creative energy and enthusiasm to the task at hand.

I've been fortunate enough to work with such great companies! Some you may have heard of are Microsoft, Microsoft, did I say Microsoft? (If you're from Seattle, you'll get that one ;-) Land O'Lakes, Citrix, T-Mobile, Allergan, Weyerhaeuser, AT&T, Intel, The Weather Channel, Adobe...well, you get the idea. And I'd love to add your company to that list!


Jeanne Gransee Barker
call/text: 206.963.7460
email: jeannebarker@mac.com